About Us

In 1999 Azalea House began providing care home services to the elderly in the Decatur area near Northlake mall. It has been an exciting opportunity for us to serve our senior citizens.

Our central location, on a quiet street with beautiful landscaping and tall, venerable oak trees, ensures a feeling of relaxation and tranquility for residents who come to us from all over the world.

At the same time, excellent medical services such as Emory Hospital, DeKalb Medical Center & Atlanta VA Medical Center are nearby and easily accessible. Popular entertainment attractions, famous historical sites and recreational opportunities, along with a number of shopping malls, are close by for a day out. And major transportation arteries are convenient for visiting family and friends.

The response from our residents has been extraordinary, motivating us to expand our services from basic housing care to more specialized memory care services. Beyond taking care of our residents' basic needs, including their food, clothing and medical care, we regularly provide them with the extras they enjoy and deserve. We believe our personalized service not only establishes a relationship of trust but also boosts the confidence of our residents.

Currently, our main focus is establishing Independent senior living units for those individuals who prefer living independently and need minimum supervision by our staff.

At Azalea House, we make a point of satisfying our resident’s needs to the fullest, and boast a proven record of reliability and sincerity while providing high quality services. For more information about our programs and facilities, please call us at 404-634-6956.

Why Choose Azalea House?

  1. We offer a highly personalized, homelike environment for residents, with a degree of professionalism and expertise not found in typical small facilities. Our administrator is also a nurse who continuously assesses the health of our residents. We have a house physician who is actively involved with the residents and is also an owner of a private facility, with 25 years of experience in healthcare management of hospitals, nursing homes, medical practices, home health services, and most importantly, assisted living facilities.

  2. Our core staff members have been with Azalea House since its inception. And we are pleased to note that our average staff tenure is greater than three years. Staff longevity results in stability and consistency of care. Because we have a small, stable staff, residents and staff members get to know each other well and develop close personal relationships. We refer to our residents by name, never as "the resident in room # X," as you might find in a larger facility.

  3. Unlike many assisted living facilities and personal care homes, we employ an all-inclusive pricing system: we don't "nickel and dime" our residents with charges for every service we provide, or for levels of care that may change monthly. When we consider a resident for admission, we assess the needs and establish an all-inclusive monthly rate that is locked in for a year. This relieves the strain of not knowing what the fees will be each month.

    Even though we are a small facility, we are uniquely set up to offer a variety of living quarters and monthly pricing to fit many different budgets. Our range of options includes companion rooms, small private rooms and large balcony rooms.

  4. We are more flexible than most larger facilities, and can meet the individual needs of our residents in a far more personalized manner. For example, should a resident not like a particular food or food preparation method, we can readily adapt to their specific requests. The larger the facility, the more regimented it must be to function effectively. We prefer to offer services tailored to our residents, not some faraway corporation’s dictates.

    Residents at Azalea House are actively involved in deciding what foods we serve and what special activities and services we offer. We are always listening to residents' likes and dislikes, and we modify our facility and offerings accordingly.

  5. We offer contracted transportation for those times when families simply cannot take their loved ones to doctor appointments or other special events.

  6. We offer quarterly "get-togethers" for residents and their families. We encourage family visits to promote socialization and family involvement.

Our Team

Rosa McDowell

Rosa Mcdowell has been caregiver at Azalea House since its inception 17 years ago. Rosa Mcdowell loves to cook and residents look forward to her shift so they can enjoy her meals.

Santoiler Chestnut

Santoiler Chestnut has been a caregiver for 17 years. She is a great cook and loves to make sweet treats.

Sonia Blalok

Sonia became our night caregiver in 2005.

Humera Savaja

Humera Savaja is an Occupational Therapist and graduate of Brenau University. Humera has extensive experience in management and caring for residents. She also holds a license of Specialty care for Dementia. Humera is passionate about working with families in crisis, has volunteered with Aga Khan Foundation for past 20 years in different capacity.

Eve Knight

Eve Knight loves to create activities for the residents. She is our designated bingo, art and craft staff.

Andrea Heningburg

Andrea Heningburg is a proxy caregiver at Azalea House. She has been part of Azalea for past 1 year. Andrea is passionate about caring for resident and creating delicious meals for them. She is a master of making meals for holiday parties at Azalea House.

Robin Anderson

Robin Anderson has gentle touch and takes great care for the resident’s at Azalea House.