At Azalea House, we believe in providing individualized special care for our residents in a secure and loving environment, boosting their confidence while engaging them in meaningful activities.

We promise to deliver a home like setting designed to ensure respect and dignity for all. While we take care to provide our residents with safe and healthy services, we also understand and respect their need for personal space. We give them the opportunity to plan their own day, every day, taking into account their health needs and nutrition preferences.

Core Values


We strive to enhance the quality of each resident’s life with the utmost care and support


We value self-worth and freedom of expression for healthy living


We believe our focus on the individual helps create reliable and caring relationships

Azalea House, with its beautiful landscaping and tranquil location, has the look and feel of home, and we strive to make our residents feel at home. We offer lifestyle amenities to keep them active and engaged. And we treat them with the respect, support and affection they desire and deserve. It’s all part of maximizing the value of their investment in us.

We make every effort to ensure that our services are delivered in a flexible and non-discriminatory manner. We keep in mind each resident's desire for independence and privacy. And we respect their need to make their own choices in every aspect of living including religion, culture, race, sexuality and political affiliation.

The staff at Azalea House is committed to:

Enriching the quality of life for our residents

Providing an environment that ensures high levels of safety and security

Upholding the essentials of expressiveness and safeguarding their individual interests

Maintaining an environment that is physically and emotionally stable

Focusing on individual attention and developing caring relationships

Stimulating their thinking and grooming them professionally

Educating them about their right to reach out, whether it is with complaints, suggestions or appreciation