• Laura Henderson

    "Friendly people live at Azalea House. There is always someone around to talk with, either residents or staff. The grounds are beautiful and the house is cozy. I like sitting in the rocking chairs on the front porch and being able to walk outside whenever I want to."
  • Lena Goodyear

    "I like Azalea House because it's very clean. Our food is prepared in a clean kitchen and that's important to me. Rosa (a caregiver) is a good cook, but more than that, she's agreeable, sweet and she does special little things for you because she loves you. I really enjoy the minister that comes every Sunday to preach, teach and pray for us. And I love all my friends that I've made here."
  • Charlie Atkinson

    "Living at Azalea House is almost like being at home. I have plenty of space, but it's still small enough so that it's easy to get around. The staff is nice, especially in helping me get ready to go out to church with my family every week."
  • Lorene Kelly

    "I think Azalea House is very attractive. I know all the people and I think it's an ideal place to be. Everybody feels that they belong; they feel a part of it. It's nice living together; we're all good friends."
  • Jim Matthews

    "I like Azalea House because it's small. I use a walker and it's easy to get from my room to the dining room and out to the porch. I think a small place is better. I like associating with the other residents. They're all very friendly."
  • Lee Byers

    "I like my neighbors here at Azalea House. I also like the caregivers because they are nice people who smile. The food is good and I have hot coffee with my meals twice a day, just like I want it."
  • Emily Tidwell

    "I like the small size of Azalea House. Our rooms are very close to the living and dining rooms. We all look forward to the minister coming to do a service with us every Sunday. We have good food and we enjoy the special buffet dinners with holiday decorations when our family members come and eat with us."
  • Carrene Redfernniece of Emily Tidwell

    "I am very pleased with Azalea House and grateful that the caregivers understand my Aunt Emily. They look after her in a very gentle but firm and diplomatic way. They do a good job of motivating Emily in her daily routine and helping with her personal hygiene."
    "Although it's located just inside l-285, the building could be out in the country because it's quiet and feels private. I love that porch and so does Emily."
  • Larry Frankelson of Misha Frankel

    "I did a lot of research before I chose Azalea House for my father. He has lived there for four years and I visit frequently. Usually, I'm on my-way home from work at all hours and I often arrive unexpectedly. However, I always see and hear the caregivers treating the residents with the utmost care and love. And they keep an eagle eye" on my dad. I hear them teasing him, hugging him and showing him genuine affection. They treat him with dignity."
  • Pal Garnerdaughter of Lorene Kelly

    "My mother turned 101 in March of 2004 and has lived happily at Azalea House for the past three years. It is convenient to my home and I visit my mother six or seven times a week. We often spend time together in the central sitting area and visit with the other residents. Azalea House is small, very personal and the residents care about each other. It's like living at home. The building is always very clean and neat. The food is good and all of the caregivers are kind and loving."
  • Nancy Goodyeardaughter of Lena Goodyear

    "Azalea House is small enough so that each resident gets personal attention. The caregivers know the residents as individuals and often do special things for them. For instance, Kay does my mother Lena's nails for her and she loves that. Several of the staff do the cooking and will even fix a special food just for my mother. Administrator Susanna Dale and the staffmembers are caring and loving toward all of the residents.
    "l like the peaceful setting, the wonderful porch, the fenced patio area and the one-level floor plan with its central living space where residents can spend time together. Everybody knows everybody. You won't find that in a larger facility."
  • Steven MonsoneSon of Joan Monsone

    "My mother had been slowly declining for over 4 years in an Independent Living Center. Then came the time when the center advised us that they could no longer take care of her needs, and she would have to move to a more secure place to assist with her increasing needs, and declining mental and physical health.

    I searched many residences for the aging with both mental and physical health needs, until I found Azalea House, Personal Care Home. Azalea House was a real Godsend and provided me with such enormous relief. I was very worried about being able to find the care that she needed, at a cost that we could afford. Azalea House was not only very reasonable, the location outside as well as inside was very tasteful and beautiful, very clean, and the staff very attentive and caring.

    During the past 2 years she was there, she had been treated with such great dignity and wonderful care. The staff allowed her to take things at her own pace as to dressing, eating and activities. The establishment has daily and weekly scheduled events, holiday and social parties, as well as arts and crafts. She was never rushed, and the staff was always prompt in any concerns I might have about her condition. When I would go to pick her up for outings, the staff would make sure she was well dressed and prepared for whatever activity we were going to do.

    I want to thank Azalea House for assisting us at a time that could have been very difficult, had I not found them.

    My mother has recently passed on, and she is remembered fondly by both the staff and the residents at Azalea House. I have had such a sense of relief and comfort, that the last few years of her life she was treated with such great dignity, caring and the respect that she deserved."